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Environmental and Water Archives

The Environmental and Water Archives – at that time still under the name of the National Water Archives – started its operation on 17 February 1977 in order to preserve, process, handle, store and research a high volume of documents representing a significant historical value, which belong to the organisations of water state administration and water management sector to be carried out in a modern form.

At the beginning, the collection that initially counted 1,363 flow meters of documents was transferred in 1975 to the building located in the   street called Danube row in Újpest. The place was owned by the Budapest Waterworks at that time, which still serves as an archive site nowadays.

In the recent decades, during the reorganization, which affected the water sector, the Water Archives was often transferred to different custodians, and its name was also changed several times. From 1st January 2014, the General Directorate of Water Management became the maintainer of Environmental and Water Archives.  

The documents of the Archives are extremely rich, much-researched, valuable collection, whose discovery and publication of which the Archive's staff are taking on an ever-increasing role. The circle of national collection provides an opportunity for uniform management and overview of the documents of the water sector. The collection is continuously expending, which thanks to the Archive can be proud of nearly 5,000 flow meters of documents with a permanent value.  The documents, plans and maps collected here are helpful for professionals of the water sector, for the researchers and those who are interested in the past of the Hungarian water management. 



Environmental and Water Archives

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