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OVF's public employment programs

Long-term public employment program aimed at helping OVF functional tasks XIII.

The objective of the program launched on March 1, 2023 is to help the functional tasks of the National Directorate General of Water. During the program, one receptionist greets, guides and checks in and out the guests and answers the phones at the Márvány Street Headquarters. One person does general office administrative work in the Education Department and they are involved in preparative and follow-up work related to catering mainly in the Lónyay Street Office. In 2020, while the OVF Database was moving to the Archives, several documents were slightly damaged so 2 main data recorders repaired (copy, replace) the damaged documents and continued the work had started with the VITUKI database (digitize, sort, etc.). The end of the program is planned to be November 30, 2023.